LETTER: Love ‘trumps’ hate: Vote Hillary

To the editor:

There are no Hillary Clinton “scandals” that haven’t been hashed and rehashed and debunked or resolved.

I am about Hillary’s age and as we engage in this evolving technology, we all make mistakes and learn from them. Hillary is now better prepared to tackle this challenge.

To me, the biggest scandal is Trump’s endorsement of brutal dictator Putin and Russian hackers.

Republican, Democrat, Independent or not voting, what makes any Americans safe from Trump’s dictator friend hacking your bank account?

There are so many ways we can work together with Hillary to help people including pregnant mothers, innocent immigrant children, climate change refugees especially flood, fire and storm victims right here in the U.S. We can help the unemployed and the economy by rebuilding green infrastructure and so much more.

We can all contribute to recovery from Park Avenue to (the) park bench, from Yale to jail!

Look, I Googled how the candidates treat animals to make my final decision. I know from living in Wadesboro for 10 years that my neighbors, who helped put together a no kill shelter, care too. How a person treats animals reflects how they will treat people.

Love trumps hate.

We are voting enthusiastically for Hillary!

Deb and Arne Arnason

Pageland, South Carolina

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