Clean-up day planned at Lilesville community center

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Courtesy photo A community clean-up day is scheduled for May 13 at the Lilesville Community Center.

A community clean-up day will be held at the new Lilesville Community Center on May 13.

Members of the executive board of the Faith Based Center of Hope, its CEO, Vancine Sturdivant and residents will gather at Whit’s Convenience Store for coffee before going to work on the square in Lilesville.

The future site of the Lilesville Community Center was donated by Steve and Lynn Whitlock.

“A special ‘thank you’ also goes out to Mr. Mike Goodwin, [whom] I have spoken with, and he is very cooperative in working with this project,” Sturdivant said.

Sturdivant said the group will need brooms (large brooms and push brooms), trash bags, gloves, face masks, dust pans, food (hot dogs, rolls, cole slaw, cookies and a variety of chips), a dumpster and dump trucks. Monetary donations will also be welcome.

Sturdivant and the executive board’s vision for the community center is to provide a tutorial service for youth, a GED program, a library, and to promote community awareness/healthy living workshops. The second floor is the homeless shelter. All occupants will be required to obtain their GED, if necessary, as well as employment. The center will also plan to help them to transition to self-sufficient living.

“The Lilesville Community Center is a vision my husband and I had for years,” Sturdivant said. “In 1998, our vision came to fruition. In 1998, due to (an) enormous number of youth in our community below grade-level reading and math, I began accepting kids in our home and working with them to pull their reading and math levels up. What began with two to seven youth became over 12. We could no longer do it from our home. This is when Harvest Ministries Outreach Center allowed us to utilize their facility.

“At this time, Faith Based Center of Hope is seeking long-term sponsors; however, we will accept whatever you may be able to provide,” Sturdivant continued. “This project is so important to me for several reasons, but most importantly, because the need is great. We cannot continue to lose our youth to the prison system.”

The Faith Based Center of Hope is intended to transform lives by empowering people at risk to achieve healthy sufficient lives. Its mission statement is, “Where Hope Begins.”

Sturdivant said the board is currently seeking funding to try to “take advantage of a window of opportunity which will allow us to begin renovation.”

The cleanup will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 13. The group will meet on the square following coffee at Whit’s Convenience Store.

For further information, contact Vancine Sturdivant at 704-848-4412, Dr. Bernice Bennett at 704-694-666, Lynn Whitlock at 704-848-4711, Lilesville Fire Chief Marty Morton Jr. at 704-848-4194 or Lilesville Police Chief Bobby Gallimore at 704-465-1830.

Courtesy photo
A community clean-up day is scheduled for May 13 at the Lilesville Community Center. photo
A community clean-up day is scheduled for May 13 at the Lilesville Community Center.

For the Record

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