Bearcats get ready for 2014 season

By Imari Scarbrough

August 13, 2014

Anson High School hosted its Meet the Bearcats live practice on Thursday night.

The athletes completed a series of exercises. After warming up, they did 3-on-3 drills, with three offensive linemen, three defensive, and a running back. After that, they did spider drills and special teams (kickoff and punt practice) before an Orange/Blue scrimmage.

Coach Luke Hyatt said he is enthusiastic for this season. “We’re excited, and we’ve come a really long way,” he said. “In June, I wasn’t sure who all was coming back, but here on Aug. 7 we have a good crowd I’m excited about our progress this year. We’re taking it step-by-step. I’m excited to get into the first game.”

Hyatt said the players share his enthusiasm. “There’s a sense of excitement,” he said. “Getting to the second round of the playoffs last year and tasting that, I think it gave them a sense of what they can do.”

One key player returning this year is J’Maine Harris. “It helps having a quarterback with leadership experience,” Hyatt said. “And experience in bigger games like the playoffs last year.”

Between the JV and varsity teams, there are about 77 players currently signed up.