Anson MPact narrowly loses game

By Ella Webster

July 1, 2014

Last Saturday marked a very exciting and tense football game from start to finish. Coaches J. Buchanon and M. Gatewood told the Mpact Elite players from the beginning that this game would be a battle until the last whistle was blown.

The team played against the Golden Bears of Rockingham. Mpact Elite quarterback Marcus McCrae threw a gut-wrenching 50-yard throw to number 81 wide receiver Tony Wilson, who caught the pigskin with one hand while it was still in the air, making the first touchdown of the game.

Patrick Clark and Mpact Elite outside linebacker/safety contributed to the Mpact’s 18 points with 12 rushing yards, a touchdown, and an electrifying interception. With three minutes left in the game, like a bolt of lightning Mpact Elite running back Jackie Polk ran a 70-yard untouched touchdown from a kickoff return. Cornerback Jeremy Buchanon did a marvelous job of executing his position this past Saturday, as well.

The final score was Golden Bears-19, Anson Mpact-18. All Anson Mpact players did a job well done in the game Saturday. If you are interested in joining Anson Mpact log on to the team’s Facebook page or check out their games on YouYube.