Rep. Brody shares May newsletter

May 14, 2014

Raleigh News

Short Session begins May 14

Land Development Committee

The Committee on Land Development had its last meeting this month where members recommended legislation concerning better communication between DENR and local building inspectors along with addressing issues around abandoned subdivisions.

Food Desert Zones Committee

The Food Desert Zones Comittee had its last meeting and determined the issue was so complex and comprehensive that additional study is necessary to craft legislation.

Mechanics Liens Committee

The Mechanics Liens Committee had its last meeting that put forth legislation to improve the software and training for our new lien law legislation. Legislation is designed to clarify unexpected issues with the new legislation.

Common Core State Standards Committee

The Common Core State Standards Committee met for the last time this month and recommended that Common Core was not a good fit for North Carolina and that our state could produce higher educational standards than the Federal Government.

Economic Development & Global Engagement Oversight Committee Meeting

The Economic Development & Global Engagement Oversight Committee had its last meeting where members were briefed on the progress being made by the Commerce Department implementing the Governor’s vision for Economic Development.

Raleigh Meetings and Events

  • Meeting with Commissioner of Insurance
  • Meeting with State Fire Marshall’s Office
  • Meeting with Department of Agriculture Commissioner Troxler

District News

Union County Meetings & Events

  • Marshville Chamber of Commerce Meeting
  • Union Farm Bureau Meeting
  • Union County Commission Meeting
  • Leadership Union Event- Aw Shucks Farm
  • Rep. Brody enjoyed spending a morning teaching Civics Classes to 9th graders at Parkwood High School

Anson County Meetings & Events

  • Anson School Board Meeting
  • Anson Farm Bureau Meeting
  • Anson Partnership for Children Celebration
  • Anson Farm Event- SPCC
  • Anson Golf Tournament
  • Anson Economic Development Meeting

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