N.C. Forest Service helps local fire departments receive needed equipment

Abby Cavenaugh

April 26, 2014

With help from the North Carolina Forest Service, the Lilesville Fire Department was recently able to apply for and acquire a new truck and light tower.

Jay Strider, District 3 ranger with the N.C. Forest Service, was instrumental in helping the LFD acquire the equipment through the Department of Defense and Federal Excess Personal Property programs. The equipment involved originally belonged to the DoD and is acquired through FEPP to assist wildland and rural firefighters.

The programs allow fire departments to take ownership of the equipment, through the N.C. Forest Service.

“I thought it would be good for the county to see what kind of equipment the fire departments are able to get that will help them provide the best assistance/fire protection possible to their community,” Strider said.

“The Federal Excess Personal Property program is a great asset for fire departments to acquire excess equipment for no cost,” said Lilesville Fire Chief M.K. Morton Jr . “By acquiring the equipment from this program, LFD was able to place frontline firefighting equipment in service for little cost, without major expenditures from our operating budget.”

Morton added, “This program not only benefits the fire department, but also the citizens of our fire district.”