AEDC gets update on various projects

Abby Cavenaugh

April 19, 2014

The Anson Economic Development Corporation had a relatively short meeting Thursday morning, during which the local business leaders caught up on various goings-on that affect economic development in the county.

Don Altieri brought up a website, called Career Headline, which was put together by the Centralina Workforce Development board to help employers and employees find the right skill sets. “It’s geared toward job seekers but it also shows data on the entire region,” Altieri explained. “You can scroll down and find information on Anson County.”

Realtor Don Scarborough mentioned that several months ago, he had talked about how disappointed he was in the county commissioners’ decision to deny a solar farm to locate on Carver Street in Wadesboro. He said he had seen in the newspaper that a solar farm is locating in the Lilesville area, which he said was a good sign for the community.

County Manager Lawrence Gatewood stated that he’s heard no negative response from the solar farm, but pointed out that it is going into an unpopulated area, unlike the proposed Carver Street site.

N.C. Rep. Mark Brody attended the meeting, and shared that he saw a recent report in which North Carolina was ranked sixth “as a place where businesses want to be.”

“That shows me that what we’re doing is starting to pay off,” he said. Brody also shared that he receives a lot of information from the state economic development committee and would be happy to share any information with the group.

He added that a new bill, SB 522, is expected to come up during the General Assembly’s short session next month. The bill, called the North Carolina New Markets Job Act, will have pools designed for certain areas and in those areas, loans will be available for start-up businesses. The bill can be viewed on the N.C. General Assembly’s website,, by searching for S522.

Brody would also like to look at locating a park in Anson County that would draw in people from all over the Charlotte region. He mentioned a park in Green Bay, Wis., where he and his family once lived. The city of Green Bay purchased used amusement park rides and charged 10 cents (now 25 cents) for children to ride the rides.

In other news, AEDC chairman Chuck Horne said that his company, Hornwood, Inc., has started what’s referred to as the “reshoring” process — bringing certain textile manufacturing back to the United States — with Nike.

The AEDC will discuss its first-ever Economic Development Summit at its next meeting at 7:30 a.m. on May 15 at the Anson County Chamber of Commerce, 107-A E. Wade St., Wadesboro.