Caraway Foundation, HOLLA! give 122 AHS students computers

Abby Cavenaugh

April 9, 2014

Thanks to the Caraway Foundation, HOLLA! and the Kramden Institute, 122 Anson High School students have refurbished computers in their homes, completely free of charge.

The computer giveaway at AHS completes the organizations’ first loop around to all Anson County schools. Since January 2013, computers have been placed in nearly 500 homes in Anson County.

The computers are refurbished and provided by Kramden Institute in Durham. “Their mission is to make sure every household in North Carolina has a working computer,” said Angela Caraway, who heads up the Caraway Foundation.

In addition to 122 computers, 24 laptops were also given out to students on Saturday.

The computers are equipped with software to help students do their homework. “We want y’all to have these computers not just to play games but to keep your grades up, too,” Caraway told a group of students Saturday.

The programs are similar to those of Microsoft Office and have tools to help students with math, science and many other subjects they need.

The Caraway Foundation and HOLLA! will work together with the Kramden Institute to place more computers in Anson County homes this summer.