Juvenile charged in AHS bomb threat

Imari Scarbrough

April 3, 2014

A 15-year-old boy is being charged with making a false bomb report to Anson High School.

The unnamed juvenile allegedly called 911 and threatened to blow the school up at about 2:18 p.m. last Tuesday, according to Wadesboro Police Chief Spencer. The WPD, Anson County Sheriff’s Office and the Wadesboro Fire Department all responded and helped the school evacuate the building and search the property for explosives. After an extensive search, authorities did not find an explosive device and allowed the children to return to class.

An investigative team with the WPD launched an investigation and found that a Boost Mobile cell phone was used to make the threat. Four days later, the team pinpointed the exact location of the phone with the assistance of the sheriff’s office and Anson County 911. The juvenile, who is a student at the high school, was charged with making the threat and with “making a false bomb report as to a public building,” according to Spencer. As this is a Class H felony in North Carolina, the juvenile could serve up to 20 months in prison if convicted.

Spencer, who coordinated the investigation, thanked all of the departments involved. “I want to specifically thank Anson County 911, the Anson County Sheriff’s Office, and the staff of Anson High School for all the help they provided,” he said. “Additionally, I want to commend the officers of the Wadesboro Police Department who responded to the initial call and those who assisted in the investigation for a job well done. You performed your duties professionally and diligently, and I am proud of the service you provide to the Town of Wadesboro.”

He also emphasized his zero tolerance for threats. “This is the type of call that we hope never comes in as officers, and as parents,” he said. “We take these types of threats very seriously. Many resources were used on the day of this incident and during the investigation that put all of those involved in harm’s way, while also costing the tax payers’ dollars. Students missed class and were put in a situation where they too could have been harmed. I want it to be clear that we will not tolerate threats of this nature, and anyone who makes them will be pursued by our department to the fullest extent of the law.”