WPD responds to problem with packs of dogs

March 22, 2014

The Wadesboro Police Department has recently received several citizen complaints and reports of packs of dogs traveling the streets and neighborhoods of Wadesboro. Officers have located these packs on several occasions, and have attempted to track where they are traveling. Currently the department’s resources to effectively handle this situation are limited. “However, through cooperation with the new animal shelter being opened in Anson County, and with the citizens, we are developing new strategy’s to combat this problem both efficiently and humanely,” said Chief Thedis L. Spencer.

There are several steps that the citizens of Wadesboro can take now that can help make an initial impact. The main goal of a pack is normally to seek out and locate sources of food. These sources of food are often located in household waste. Police encourage citizens to ensure that any food waste is properly bagged with other trash. Additionally, they recommend not taking your trash to the side of the road until the evening before your scheduled day for pick-up services.

Secondly, a pack of dogs may be in search of female mates. If you own a dog that may be in heat, try to take preventive steps in protecting your pet and property by placing your animal in a shelter that prevents the pet from getting out, or any other animal from getting in. If you have a wireless or underground fence keeping your pet retained to your property, remember that this does not prevent other animals from coming in.

Pet owners are encouraged to spay or neuter their pets if they do not have any intentions of professionally breeding them. Spaying and neutering can help prevent an increase in stray animals that can become malnourished or a nuisance. There are several veterinary hospitals in the area that can provide these services. Spaying and neutering is not an expensive procedure and has tremendously positive effects on helping protect the welfare and health of animals. The ASPCA keeps a database on their website that can assist you in finding a low-cost spay and neuter program at

Lastly, it is believed that some of these packs of dogs are actual pets, and not just wild stray animals. The town of Wadesboro has a leash law in effect that requires all animals to be under the constant control of their owners and property. If an animal is able to leave your property due to a lack of control by the owner or a lack of restriction devices, you are in violation of this ordinance. These fines begin at $25 for the first violation, and can increase for subsequent occurrences. Also, in North Carolina, a town ordinance is considered to be a misdemeanor violation. In some circumstances, it is possible that you could be arrested for a consistent violation of this ordinance. More importantly, unrestricted animals can attack people and their pets. Animal owners can be held both criminally and civilly liable for these attacks.

Wadesboro police would like to remind our fellow citizens that a pack of dogs are not normally dangerous; however in some situations they can be, and if at all possible should be avoided. Small children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to an animal attack.

If you see a pack of dogs frequenting your area or neighborhood we encourage you to call and report it to to the Wadesboro Police Department at 704-694-2167, or for an emergency Dial 911. By providing as much information as possible, we can more effectively deal with the situation. Information such as the number of dogs, their individual size, their color and markings, direction of travel, behavior, and frequency in your area, such as time of day and the number of times each week, is helpful to officers in locating the packs.

“I want to let the citizens of Wadesboro know that we take their complaints seriously, and are working hard to find solutions to this situation,” Chief Spencer said. “With a new animal shelter opening in the county, we will soon have more resources at our disposal. I encourage citizens to follow the recommendations in this press release so that together we can find a humane and efficient solution to this problem.”