HOLLA!: a pillar of hope and encouragement

March 12, 2014

On Feb. 6, I attended an event held at the Ansonia Theatre. The event held was the Evening of Culture and Celebrating Music & Volunteerism, sponsored by HOLLA!

First, I would like to thank this wonderful organization for all that they do for our children and communities. HOLLA, which is located in the town of Morven, has been a pillar of hope and encouragement to this community in many ways, especially to the youth.

On that evening, I was in awe with what my eyes saw and my ears heard from some of the students from Morven Elementary School. These students recited poetry that illuminated our black history. They spoke well with fluency and expression as they stood poised under the gaze of multiple listeners. So secondly, I would like to praise these MES students for their elegant presentation. I am so proud of these students and I know that their parents are too. As a staff member of Morven Elementary School, I see the struggles that many of our students face. However, I must say that whatever obstacles that our students may face as they strive to attain an education, it is still left up to us to give them a platform to stretch their minds and to display their abilities, as well as their talents.

Once again, thank you HOLLA! for an enjoyable event and a wonderful experience for the students of Morven Elementary School and for me.

Joan Waring