Snow storm leaves travelers stranded, causes minor accidents

By Imari Scarbrough

February 12, 2014

Travelers passing through Anson County have been stranded, thanks to the snow and ice on Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday. Also on Tuesday, school superintendent Michael Freeman issued school cancellations for both Thursday and Friday.

County Emergency Services Director Rodney Diggs said that an unspecified number of out-of-county travelers were put up in hotel rooms after becoming stranded. As of 5 p.m. on Wednesday, there had also been several accidents, all minor, he said.

Diggs asked citizens to avoid traveling. “The roads are covered and slick,” he said. “We’re asking everyone to postpone travel unless absolutely necessary. We had several accidents when the roads first got covered this morning. Nothing major, just minor accidents. We don’t have any roads that we’ve got closed off, but we’re just asking everyone to not travel.”

Due to the storm, Diggs warned that the county may suffer power outages. “We haven’t had any power outages so far,” he said. “We do ask that the citizens of the county be prepared for major and prolonged power outages as this system moves through.”

Although both the NC Department of Transportation and town crews have been working on the streets, Diggs said that the roads remain unsafe. “DOT is out working, but with it snowing and sleeting all day, there’s not much they can do,” he said. “The towns are working, too, but until all of this stuff stops, they’re pretty much fighting a losing battle.”

Diggs said that weather predictions show that the county is expected to get sleet and freezing rain Wednesday night and through Thursday morning, with snow following until the storm system moves out of the county. As for when that will be, Diggs wasn’t sure. “It’s up in the air as far as when it’s going to quit.”