Bearcats, Lady Cats get huge wins

Imari Scarbrough Staff Writer

January 13, 2014

Mens’ varsity

The Bearcats narrowly won a game against Sun Valley last Tuesday 78-77.

The men started out slightly behind, making 15 points to the Spartans’ 19 in the first quarter. Sun Valley continued to pull ahead, making 15 points to Anson’s 13 in the second quarter, making a 34-28 score by halftime. In the third quarter, Anson made 25 points to Sun Valley’s 23, while in the fourth quarter the men made 25 points to the Spartans’ 20, giving the Bearcats a very narrow win 78-77.

Ervin Bennett (Fr.) earned a huge 20 points. Devonta Teal (Jr.) also scored high, making 17 points.

On Friday, the men won again when they played Cuthbertson at home. Anson made the first basket of the game and made 25 points to the Cavaliers’ mere 9 in the first quarter, putting the Bearcats far ahead from the beginning. They continued to stay ahead in the second quarter, making 32 points to the Cavaliers’ 22, making a 57-31 halftime score. Anson fell behind in the third quarter, making only 6 points to Cuthbertson’s 29, but they made a comeback in the final quarter, earning 26 points to the Cavaliers’ 16, giving the Bearcats an 89-76 win.

William Smith (Sr.) was the highest earner, making 16 points. Devonta Teal (Jr.) followed closely with 15 points, while Ervin Bennett (Fr.) and Parrish Stevons (Jr.) also made significant point contributions, making 14 and 13, respectively.

Womens’ varsity

The ladies won their game last Tuesday to Sun Valley by a landslide 61-27.

The girls started out strong, making 15 points to the Spartans’ 4 in the first quarter. The trend continued in the second quarter when the women earned 12 points to the Spartans’ 10, making a 27-14 halftime score. The ladies blasted ahead in the third quarter, making 21 points to Sun Valley’s 7, and went on to make 13 points to the Spartans’ 6 in the final quarter. This gave the Lady Cats a huge 61-27 win.

Jaida Robinson (Jr.) earned the most points in the game with 18. Shinitra Little (Sr.) and Chanel Pauldo (Jr.) also made several points, making 17 and 10 points, respectively.

On Friday, the Lady Cats got another big win against Cuthbertson 59-39.

In the first quarter, the girls made 17 points to the Cavaliers’ 4. The Cavaliers made only 4 points again in the second quarter to the Lady Cats’ 12, making a 29-8 halftime score that put Anson far ahead. Anson made 12 points again in the third quarter to Cuthbertson’s 19, but pulled ahead again in the final quarter, making 18 points to the Cavaliers’ 12 and giving the Lady Cats a 59-39 win.

Shinitra Little (Sr.) made the most points for her team, earning 16. Chanel Pauldo (Jr.) also made several points, earning 11.

Girls’ JV

The JV Lady Cats also had a huge win against Cuthbertson last Tuesday, winning 43-25. This gives the JV team a 6-0 season score, according to high school sports website No information was immediately available about the men’s JV game.

Upcoming games

All four teams will play at Weddington High School this Friday. Girls’ JV will play at 4 p.m., boys’ JV will play at 5 p.m., girls’ varsity will play at 6:30 p.m. and men’s varsity will play at 8 p.m.