Rep. Brody shares interim news

January 8, 2014

December reports for:

Common Core State Standards Committee:

The first Common Core Committee meeting was held on Dec. 17 in Raleigh. It was an introductory overview of the program from the viewpoint of those at the state level who support it. Common Core is being presented as a means of standardizing K-12 education throughout the nation. Common Core was adapted in 2011 by the state legislature before anyone knew what was in it. Once the details of Common Core were recently revealed, a very large legislative opposition emerged. Opponents of Common Core will get an opportunity to share their arguments at the next meeting in January. Recall of the Common Core program may be on the legislative agenda for May 2014.

Economic Development & Global Engagement Oversight Committee Meeting

The second Economic Development & Global Engagement Oversight Committee meeting was held on Dec. 5 in Raleigh. This meeting focused on the part our educational systems (K-12, Community Colleges and Universities) will play in the training and development of North Carolina’s 21st Century workforce. A major point explored was how our educational systems need to work together to build on each other’s foundations to produce results and produce them efficiently. Several steps were enacted this last legislative session to help address these issues.

Upcoming Interim Committee Meetings

In January, Rep. Brody will be busy traveling to Raleigh on a weekly basis for the following Interim Committee meetings:

  • Land Development- 1st meeting (Co-Chair)
  • Mechanics Liens- 1st meeting
  • Food Desert Zones- 1st meeting
  • Common Core- 2nd meeting
  • Economic Development & Global Engagement Oversight- 3rd meeting

We will keep you informed of the findings from these Committees in our upcoming newsletters but, if you have any particular questions, please contact our office.

Anson County meetings and events

  • Anson County Christmas Parade
  • AEDC meeting
  • Faith-Based Center of Hope — dinner volunteer
  • Meeting with Diane Ducharme — FDA
  • Anson County School Board meeting

On Dec. 16, Rep. Brody and legislative assistant Neva Helms joined Anson School Superintendent Michael Freeman at the Anson County School Board meeting to recognize Anson County teachers and historians Leslie Rivers and Clint Davis.

Rivers and Davis are both dedicated to documenting N.C. history and volunteered their time and resources in documenting the historical account of Blackbeard the Pirate/Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR) project with the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources. Rivers and Davis made an outstanding educational contribution to students in Anson County and across the nation through their hard work and dedication on this project.