I’m dreaming of a crime-free Christmas

December 11, 2013

Generally, in order for a crime to be committed, two factors must be present: a criminal intent and a criminal act. There is nothing you can do with respect to the criminal intent; however, there is something you can do with respect to the criminal act. You can limit or reduce the chances of a crime being committed.

Many crimes are committed simply because an opportunity presents itself. Did someone say opportunity? *Valuables left unattended in and around your home

*Unlocked doors

*Articles left in plain view in automobiles while shopping in the malls

*Keys left in automobiles

*Traveling alone at night

*Counting your money in public

*Homes showing signs of being unoccupied, such as newspapers/mail accumulating, no signs of activity, no lights, etc.

*Opening your door to strangers who are pretending to show an interest in buying your home or other items of value, or pretending to seek directions.

And last, but by far not least, one of the greatest opportunities comes when people fail to pay attention to their surroundings, especially at home. Be attentive to unusual and suspicious activity in your neighborhood. Yes, be a nosey neighbor! The cost to society is much less when we call the police and have them check out a situation. Not only might we save a person from losing his or her property, we might be preventing a person from losing his or her life.

Theodore R. Carr

Morven Town Council