New emergency services center nearing completion

Abby Cavenaugh Editor

November 22, 2013

Anson County’s new emergency services center, located on Country Club Road in Wadesboro, is very near completion. In fact, on Wednesday morning, director of buildings maintenance and parks and recreation Jeff Waisner, and Anson County Cooperative Extension horticulture agent Aimee Rankin were on site, finalizing the landscaping at the new building.

The seeding grass was planted last week, Waisner said, and there will also be stone placed in some areas to deflect rain water.

Rankin selected all of the plants that will decorate the new facility. “The county had certain characteristics they wanted,” she said. “They wanted something low-maintenance, evergreen if we could find it, and they wanted something that would be flowering, so we have some gardenias and azaleas.”

All of the plants came from Bentwood Nursery in Morven and Panormaic Farms in Marshville. “We tried to pick plants that are best for the site and the soil, and also ones that were locally available,” Rankin added.

Plants included in the landscaping are: Athyrium “Ghost” ferns, Hinoki Cypress trees, Indian hawthorn, perenniel fountain grass, azaleas, gardenias and Chinese fringe trees.

County Manager Lawrence Gatewood said on Thursday that the emergency services center should be finished next month, and ready for move-in by January or February 2014.