Carraway Foundation, HOLLA! hand out free computers

Abby Cavenaugh Editor

November 22, 2013

Thanks to the Carraway Foundation and HOLLA!, 71 families from Lilesville and Peachland-Polkton Elementary Schools have new computers.

The computers are refurbished computers provided by Cramden Institute in Durham. “Their mission is to make sure every household in North Carolina has a working computer,” said Angela Carraway, who heads up the Carraway Foundation.

Earlier this year, the Carraway Foundation and HOLLA! also gave computers to needy families in Ansonville, Morven and Wadesboro. Those who received computers or laptops previously filled out applications through their individual schools. “The teachers find out which students don’t have a computer at home and we send them an application,” Carraway explained. “Our goal is to make sure every home in Anson County has a computer by the end of the school year.”

HOLLA! provides some of the tech support for the computers, but Sarah Burns, program manager for the Carraway Foundation, said that only two of the more than 100 computers have needed repairs since January. The students and parents participated in workshops before they could take the computers home, although many of the students were already proficient with computers after working on them in their classrooms.

“One little boy said, ‘Do we get to keep these computers or are we just playing with them?,’” Burns said. “He was so excited when he found out his mama was bringing it home.”

“The best thing is that the parents and children are working together,” said Lilesville Elementary Principal Maresa Phillips. “It’s such a wonderful opportunity for our students.”

Peachland-Polkton Elementary third-grader Elizabeth Bustard and her mom Billie Jo already have a computer at home, they said, but it’s out of date. “I think it’s awesome,” Billie Jo said. “She’s very excited and I know she’ll use it a lot.”

Brittany Davis, also a third-grader at PPES, and her mom, Holly, have been using Brittany’s uncle’s computer, and are very excited about being able to have one of their own. Brittany said she couldn’t wait to play games on her own computer. “Mom is very strict about the games being educational,” Holly added.