Domestic Violence Coalition hosts annual candlelight vigil

November 2, 2013

On Oct. 29, Anson County Domestic Violence Coalition, Inc., and the community came together to remember the lives lost due to domestic violence.

Executive director Karen Baucom spoke of how victims of domestic violence do not want to leave their abuser most of the time, they just want the abuse to stop. She added that domestic violence is not just a family issue; it is a community problem.

Sheriff Tommy Allen, Wadesboro Police Chief Thedis Spencer, County Manager Lawrence Gatewood, survivor Page Thompson and family members of recent homicide victims Daisy Ann Coleman Melton and Larry Lindsey spoke during the ceremony. Melton and Lindsey were murdered this month by Melton’s ex-boyfriend. A total of 46 balloons were released for every victim in North Carolina that has lost their lives due to domestic violence.

Several businesses were honored for their donations and support of the agency — IGA, Legal Aid of Rockingham and Supreme Dental. Certificates of appreciation were also awarded to several police officers and deputies: Deputy Megan Prieto, Deputy Evan Carville, Patrolman Steven Goodwin and Sergeant Gerald Cannon. A special Angel award was presented to Julia and David Poisson. Melody Goodwin sang “Up to the Mountain,” which brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Silent Witnesses stood for every murdered victim in Anson County. “This was the biggest turnout we have had in my eight years,” said executive director Karen Baucom. “We would like to thank Leon Gatewood and Amy’s Floral Garden for sponsoring this event.”