Anson County EMS expanding 24-hour service to Polkton

Abby Cavenaugh Editor

October 1, 2013

As of Oct. 1, Anson County EMS has expanded its services to cover the Polkton area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

County Manager Lawrence Gatewood said Anson EMS is expanding its level of services “to provide better response times throughout the county.” As of Oct. 1, there will be an Anson EMS ambulance stationed in Polkton 24/7.

So now when a person calls 911 for an ambulance, the dispatcher will be able to determine which ambulance — based in either Wadesboro or Polkton — can get there quicker.

EMS director Ryan Teal said Polkton was chosen after the county spent the past year doing trial services in both Morven and Polkton. “We were able to cut down response times by 15 minutes in some cases,” he said. “Polkton was chosen because we have considerably more calls in the Polkton area.”

Teal said the volunteer crew at the Polkton Fire Department has been “very helpful” while the county EMS prepares to start its services there.

“We were able to do this without increasing our budget,” Teal said. “We kind of knew all along it was necessary but we also wanted to be sure we were good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars.”

The crew began working in Polkton at 8 a.m. Tuesday.