Anson M-Pact suffer loss to Charlotte, 46-12

Submitted By Ella Webster

September 16, 2013

In a humbling loss, Anson M-Pact fell short of victory to the Charlotte Colts, 46-12.

The M-Pact team played team ball the whole four quarters. It was breathtaking to see such sportsmanship as they played the Charlotte Colts, whose recorded is now 12-0. M-Pact gentlemen are learning to play mentally harder and stronger with each game.

Polkton Fun Day was a great fun-filled morning for team M-Pact as Jamison Burns constantly tackled the dunking booth,while the rest of the team enjoyed Leon Gatewood of (H.O.L.L.A) on center stage. Thank you George and Lindsay Wallace. Team M-Pact was also acknowledged by HMOC of Wadesboro by Pastor Steve Adams on Sept. 15. Adams delivered a volcanic sermon titled “Don’t Quit.” Pastor Adams really made team M-Pact feel important with unexpected videos of the journey of the M-Pact team thus far. It just goes to show who’s watching when you think the world isn’t.

M-Pact would like to say thank you to Anson County, the fans, and all who support the M-Pact team with ever loving prayers.

M-Pact will travel to Asheboro this Saturday, M-Pact has T-shirts on sale for $10 each to help with traveling costs. Outstanding games to Anson High School varsity and junior varsity teams last week; winning is determined by your dedication not by final scores.

If you have not felt the M-Pact yet, M-Pact team looks forward to seeing you at upcoming games. For donations, email