Bearcats lose to Monroe, 35-6

Imari Scarbrough Staff Writer

September 4, 2013

The Bearcats lost 35-6 versus the Monroe Redhawks on Friday night.

In the first quarter, the Redhawks made 7 points while the Bearcats made none. In the second quarter, the Redhawks gained 22 points to the Bearcats’ 0.

Already down 29 points by the third quarter, the Bearcats still failed to gain any points in the quarter while the Redhawks made 6 more, bringing the score to 35-0.

The Bearcats started to make a comeback in the final quarter, gaining 6 points to the Redhawk’s 0 points, but it was too late, and the game ended with a depressing 35-6 loss.

The Bearcats’ lone touchdown was scored by Scott Kendall (#4, a senior).