Board of Elections votes to hold One-Stop Voting at Riddle Center

Imari Scarbrough Staff Writer

August 26, 2013

The Anson County Board of Elections met last Tuesday and voted to hold One-Stop voting at the Charles Riddle Staff Development Center.

The board discussed other possible voting locations due to Superintendent Michael Freeman’s concern about holding One-Stop on school property interfering with school business. Board director Steve Adams said that while the board has jurisdictional authority and can use school property, he wanted to respect Freeman’s wishes. While other board members agreed, they were also concerned with accommodating voter needs in terms of space and easy accessibility to the voting location.

In addition to accessibility, board members were concerned that voters would be confused if One-Stop were held at the Board of Elections office for municipal elections this fall and then moved to a school for next year’s primaries. Ultimately deciding to accommodate voters’ needs and remain consistent until the board moves to its new location next year, the board voted unanimously to hold One-Stop at the Charles Riddle Staff Development Center on Camden Road.

The board also discussed the location it will move to next year. The office, located by the county hospital, will house only the Board of Elections. This relieves possible security concerns that would be caused if the board shared the building with another organization, further protecting voters’ sensitive information. The board has $50,000 for renovations to the building, according to Adams. Adams plans to approach the county commissioners during their September meeting to finalize details, though the board will likely not move to the new location until next summer.

The board also approved the list of names submitted by party chairs for various positions. The list includes eligible Republicans and Democrats who may serve as chief judges, judges, poll workers and One-Stop workers. The names were picked by party chairs Donna Wells (R) and Vancine Sturdivant (D) before being submitted to the board for approval.

Bob Wells approached the board with a news report and a question. Wells provided the board with the URL for a video of an NBC News report of voter fraud and summarized the report’s comments. According to Wells, NBC found that several people in two counties in Florida were voting even though they had indicated that they could not serve jury duty as they were non-citizens. “There shouldn’t be any coming back as non-citizens,” Wells said. “This [jury] list starts with the voting list.” He requested that the board watch the video before the next meeting as he said the Anson process is similar.

Adams and the board members agreed to watch the video and thanked Wells for bringing it to their attention. Although individuals need to bring a state-issued ID, the last four digits of their Social Security card, or a driver’s license in order to register to vote, non-citizens in North Carolina may be issued driver’s licenses, Adams said. The board will look into whether this process may potentially allow for local voter fraud.

Adams provided his monthly director’s report. In July, there were 51 new voter registrations, including 46 from the DMV and five submitted by the voter either in person or through the mail. There were also three felon removals and 12 death removals.

The board held an executive meeting (closed session) following its regular meeting.