Get involved in helping out Anson’s schools

Submitted By Vancine Sturdivant Faith-Based Center of Hope CEO

August 21, 2013

Sandhills Behavioral Center, Inc., of Wadesboro donates to Faith-Based Center of Hope to help purchase school supplies for the students of Anson County. Every donation is greatly needed and appreciated. We are in the process of helping over 10 students move in various colleges and universities in North Carolina. It truly feels good to know we are helping these youth obtain their future. It is not too late to donate school supplies or a monetary contribution.

Also, as a County Commissioner, I am asking ALL community leaders (County Commissioner, Mayors, Town Councils) and clergy to go to the school in your community on the first day of school. Get to know the principals and staff. Let’s find out what we can do to help our schools improve. To donate, please contact Vancine Sturdivant 704-848-4412.